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4 Essential Questions for a New Wheelchair User

A person in a wheelchair working in a retail store.

We are honored to deliver thousands of new wheelchairs a year to people across the country at National Seating & Mobility. It’s important to us that you gain the most accessibility possible with your wheelchair. This could be the first wheelchair you or your loved one has, or perhaps you just updated to a more…

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Portable Wheelchair Ramps – An Ideal Option for Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Users

A ramp is an easy to set up accessibility solution for people with mobility issues. These devices allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users to safely access steps, raised thresholds, vehicles and raised landings. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer ramps in different types and sizes and include custom, modular and portable ramps. Portable wheelchair ramps…

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How Will You Get In and Out of Your Home in Your Wheelchair?

a man going up a wheelchair ramp

Just because you’re in a wheelchair does not mean you have to stay at home—even when there are steps involved. There are multiple accessibility tools to help you go safely in and out of your own residence as independently as possible. Ask your local NSM professional to help you decide which solution is the best…

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How Will You Transfer Your Wheelchair Outside Your Home?

a woman smiling at her scooter in the back of her vehicle

Are you searching for the best way to transport your wheelchair when you leave your home? One of the greatest freedoms for anyone who uses a wheelchair is to be able to leave their home and go where they want. You can equip your new or current vehicle to make it safe and simple to…

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How Will You Manage Your Hygiene And Bathing Needs?

a woman using a bath system

Your wheelchair may be giving you freedom to move freely around your home and beyond, but one of the most critical areas of concern is how to make it easier and safer to take care of your personal hygiene needs or those of your loved one with limited mobility. The bathroom is often the smallest…

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How to Transfer In and Out of Your Wheelchair

A woman helping an elderly woman out of bed with a lift.

Once you receive your wheelchair, a common question that you might be thinking is, “What is the best way to transfer in and out of my manual or power wheelchair?” Your wheelchair may be doing a great job getting you around, but there may be some issues with getting into or out of it. Those…

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Unique Bath Safety Products that Keep You from Modifying your Bathroom

a bathroom

If you or a loved one have mobility issues, the bathroom can be the most challenging and dangerous room in your home. Don’t automatically think you must completely restructure your whole bathroom to make it accessible and safe. There are some amazing Bath Safety products that can make your existing bathroom functional without taking out…

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Should I rent or purchase a wheelchair ramp?

a wheelchair ramp leading into a home

If you are wondering if you should purchase or rent a wheelchair ramp, a simple rule of thumb is if you think you will need the ramp for six months or less, consider renting. It is even possible to rent a wheelchair ramp for one day for special occasions such as weddings, graduations or for…

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Bruno Elan SRE-3050

At National Seating & Mobility, we are offering the latest model of Bruno’s best-selling Elan Stairlift – SRE-3050. This highly popular stairlift from Bruno can restore full access to your home. Designed for straight indoor staircases, this Elan stairlift offers a mix of high-quality standard functionality, unsurpassed reliability, and ease-of-use design. Made in the USA,…

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