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Four Ways to Make Your Business Accessible

an outdoor vertical lift

Whatever your business involves, you can open it up to welcome the ever-growing population who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes and other devices to move through life. NSM can help your large or small businesses find the latest solutions to welcome and make it easier for everyone to move around inside and outside your location.…

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Choosing the Correct Vehicle Lift for Your Wheelchair or Scooter

a wheelchair lifter on a vehicle

A vehicle lift for wheelchairs or scooters sure makes it easier to load and transport your mobility device with your personal vehicle. It can be one of your greatest accessibility tools since it opens up your world wherever you drive. When you begin looking for which type vehicle lift to get to transport your wheelchair…

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Safety Features of the Bruno Elite Curved Stairlift

A strong and beautiful curved staircase can make a stunning visual statement in a home. However, mobility issues can turn your staircase into a barrier to accessibility. Curved stair lifts are specifically designed to solve this problem and preserve the beauty of your home while providing optimal accessibility. The Bruno Elite Curved stair lift is a best-in-class…

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Bruno Elite Stair Lift – The Perfect Choice for Curved Stairs

Installing a stair lift resolves accessibility concerns by overcoming the barriers posed by stairs. National Seating & Mobility offers quality curved stair lifts equipped with advanced features. The Bruno Elite Curved stair lift is a unique model that can be custom-installed to address all types of curved stairs – those with corners, multiple landings, spirals, and other…

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Differences in Wood, Steel and Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

a wheelchair ramp leading into a home

Wheelchair ramps, often referred to as Handicap Ramps, are one of the most universal ways to provide easy access to homes, schools, public places and businesses. People who use a mobility device such as a power or manual wheelchair or power scooter or even walkers will tell you what a welcome sight ramps are any time…

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