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Four Ways to Make Your Business Accessible

Whatever your business involves, you can open it up to welcome the ever-growing population who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes and other devices to move through life. NSM can help your large or small businesses find the latest solutions to welcome and make it easier for everyone to move around inside and outside your location. That’s true customer service to make your place of business mobility friendly. We can help you install just a few modifications that will make a world of difference. Did you realize that over 7 million Americans depend on mobility devices to get around? We have locations all across the United States staffed with experienced local accessibility professionals to help you find ways to make it easier for all your customers to do business with you.

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp

  1. Wheelchair Ramps
    The first thing people who use wheelchairs or power scooters look for in a business is whether or not they can easily make it to the front door. They look for Wheelchair Ramps that are easy to navigate from the handicap parking space to the front door. Will it be a simple uncomplicated trip to your front entrance? Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of materials and colors to provide function and style. They are available in wood, steel and aluminum. Ramps should be designed and installed professionally to meet all ADA standards and codes while providing great safety, service, durability and drainage.Door Opener Switch
  2. Door Openers
    The next challenge for those who use mobility devices is your front door. Imagine trying to pull the door open and somehow get through in a wheelchair, walker or power scooter. That is an accident waiting to happen. That’s why an automatic Door Opener is essential for your business. It is like a welcoming friend opening the door to invite you in. Most automatic Door Openers can be installed on your existing door. The touch of a nearby button smoothly opens the door and holds it open with plenty of time for a person in a wheelchair to roll through, then slowly closes behind.Vertical Platform Lift
  3. Wheelchair Elevators
    If your business has any stairs or even an upper or lower level, a Vertical Platform Lift or a Wheelchair Elevator could be a viable solution to grant complete access for those who cannot navigate stairs or changes of elevation. Most models require very little floor space and need little change to your existing structure.Grab bars for businesses
  4. Bathroom Accessibility
    Ask your local accessibility professional to help you find new and innovative ways to make the bathroom in your business more disability friendly by installing proper grab bars.

Making your business more accessible is one of the highest forms of customer service. It’s the right thing to do.

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