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Stair Lift Maintenance Tips

Climbing stairs has consistently been rated as one of the most challenging tasks for older people or those suffering from mobility issues due to conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. A stair lift resolves this problem and is ideal for settings that do not have adequate space to install an elevator. However, continuous usage can cause wear…

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Safe and Accessible Shower Units for Seniors

Taking a shower is a simple and routine task for the average individual, but can prove difficult for the elderly people and those with mobility issues. Bathrooms pose the most fall hazards within the home. Bathroom modifications enhance the ability of elderly people with mobility issues to manage their daily needs independently, and improve safety as well…

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Personal Mobility Device Market to Hit $12.7 Billion by 2023

The use of the right mobility device can enhance accessibility, independence and safety. Personal mobility devices help people move around freely in their residences and public spaces. With a rapidly aging population, the rise in number of physically disabled people, and the staggering cost of caregiver services, the global demand for mobility devices is rising…

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