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National Seating & Mobility’s Wheelchair Ramp Installation Makes Brooklyn Public Library More Accessible

The American Library Association recommends that libraries should use strategies based on the principles of universal design to ensure that library policy, resources and services meet the needs of all people. According to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), everybody should be able to use the libraries of a country and people…

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Commercial Ramp Installation Improves Access to Brooklyn Public Library

Overview National Seating & Mobility is an experienced supplier of diverse accessibility solutions including ramps, stairlifts and wheelchair lifts. We recently had an opportunity to assist the Brooklyn Public Library, which is graded as the fifth largest public library system in the United States. Our team installed a commercial ramp to improve ease of access…

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4 Types of Interior Vehicle Lifts

a vehicle lift

If loading and unloading your wheelchair or power scooter is a huge issue, we have a great solution. You can save your back, have more independence and easily load and transport your mobility device. There are some amazing models of Interior Vehicle Lifts crafted with ease of accessibility in mind. They do the lifting and…

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Advantages of Trifold and Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

a folding wheelchair ramp on the back of a vehicle

The advantages of having a portable ramp are as many as the different applications you will use it for. It is definitely one of the most versatile accessibility products available. They fold out to give you safe access wherever you go. The ramps simply fold up suitcase style to offer easy transport and storage of…

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Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

a threshold ramp

The United States has come a long way in making more places accessible for those with mobility challenges. People who depend on wheelchairs, power scooters, walkers, canes or who are unable to navigate stairs due to age or health are still finding many places they cannot access. Now you can take your accessibility with you…

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Gift Ideas for the Mobility Challenged

a scooter next to a Christmas tree

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift that could truly aide in greater independence, safety and accessibility for someone you love who has challenges moving freely through life? Maybe your loved one is in a wheelchair or power scooter uses a walker or cane. Perhaps they are simply growing older and need a little help moving…

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Tips to Ensure Wheelchair Ramp Safety in Winter

Wheelchair ramps improve the mobility and independence of wheelchair users. However, winter weather poses many problems for people with mobility concerns. One major problem relates to the buildup of snow and ice on ramps. Slick conditions on ramps make them difficult and unsafe for people using assistive devices. Taking the necessary precautions can promote wheelchair…

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