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Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

The United States has come a long way in making more places accessible for those with mobility challenges. People who depend on wheelchairs, power scooters, walkers, canes or who are unable to navigate stairs due to age or health are still finding many places they cannot access. Now you can take your accessibility with you wherever you go. There are a lot of foldable and portable ramps that you can keep stored in your vehicle so you are always ready to go even if there is not a handicap ramp in place. Maybe it is to go visit a friend or relative’s home that is not accessible—or a park, restaurant, office, shop—anywhere that does not have an accessibility ramp. Riding in a friend’s vehicle? Don’t let that stop you! Just bring your own ramp!

Single Fold Portable Ramps

SUITCASE Graphite Fiber ramp

These Single Fold ramps bridge the gap over steps, curbs and raised landings. The 5ft and 6ft ramps can also double as ramps to enter and exit most minivans. Simply unfold the hinged ramp. Position for maximum safety and support, or fold in half and carry like a suitcase. Take it with you for whenever you need it.

Tri-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Trifold Wheelchair Ramp

The Tri-fold® Advantage Series ramp, with its unique 3-fold design, provides the length required for wheelchairs and scooters to easily access steps, vehicles and raised landings. They can be carried as a set, or quickly separated into two individual sections – making it even easier to use, carry and store. The Trifold Ramp is available in 5, 6,7, 8 and 10 ft lengths. Easy to store in your vehicle so you have it when you need it.

Threshold Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps


Threshold ramps are a small lightweight, durable and modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors and raised landings. One can be used by itself or two can be combined to allow for passage over raised areas. These mobility ramps are both great for scooters and wheelchairs. They are small enough to move from door to door or take along with you on an errand or a road trip.

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