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Retain Your Independence with a Residential Stair Lift

A residential stair lift helps older adults and people with disabilities get around their multilevel home safely and comfortably. In the year 2000, the Center for Health Statistics reported that people age 60 and over represented 17.2% of the New Jersey population and that this proportion was expected to grow to be 25.7% of the population by…

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Bathroom Safety – Features You Can Add

Bathroom-related falls and injuries are common, mainly with the elderly. Most falls are due to slippery bathtub and shower floor surfaces, sliding shower doors that move unexpectedly, and dim lighting. Installing bathroom safety features is key to reducing the risk of falling. If you are considering renovating your bathroom for your loved one’s safety, make sure to…

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Quality Bruno Stair Lifts That Can Transform Your Lifestyle

Home accessibility is a major problem for people who have difficulty with stairs. Whether the staircase is inside or outside the home, it can keep them from moving around freely and independently. Bruno stair lifts are specifically designed to resolve such challenges. They take you up and down the stairs in a comfortable seated position,…

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