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Make Public Buildings Accessible with Bruno 3-Gate Commercial VPL

Wheelchair users and mobility scooter users often find it difficult to access stairs in commercial or public buildings. With commercial wheelchair lifts, users can enjoy safe and low-rise travel in these buildings, without having to get out of the wheelchair. They simply need to roll the wheelchair on to the platform provided. In addition, wheelchair lifts…

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Your Favorite Recliner Chair for Now and Later

a lift recliner chair

If you or someone you love is nearing retirement age (or perhaps has already retired), this is a great time to begin putting plans into action to age in your own home. Everyone knows that a great recliner is one of the most critical pieces of furniture right now and as you grow older. It…

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The Most Dangerous Room for the Mobility Challenged- Bathrooms

a woman using a bath system

Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house, but they can be the biggest safety risk for those with any type of mobility challenge. Most likely, there’s a dangerous combination of wet tile floors, slippery tubs, difficulty getting up from a seated position after toileting and cramped space. Add to that mix, the loss…

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Wheelchair Ramps are Not Only for Wheelchairs

a wooden wheelchair ramp

When you think of Wheelchair Ramps, you automatically think of them for wheelchair use. However, ramps are a critical safety apparatus for multiple users in your home, church, school or business. A ramp is much safer and easier to use than stairs for anyone with any type of mobility issue. Think of the various people…

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Patient Lifts- A Vital Accessibility Tool for Homes

a woman getting out of bed using a lift

If you are caring for a loved one with severe mobility issues in your home, no one but you knows how challenging it can be. Even when it is a labor of love, it means a sacrifice of your time, energy and life. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your back. One of the…

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Bruno Commercial Wheelchair Lifts – Three Top Models

Commercial wheelchair lifts make public or commercial buildings accessible and compliant with ADA and state building codes. These systems allow wheelchair users to enjoy reliable, safe low-rise travel in these buildings without leaving the comfort of their assistive device. Ideal for use in commercial buildings such as schools, universities, office buildings, churches, auditoriums, colleges and common…

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Home Modifications for the Disabled

a wheelchair ramp in a backyard

There may need to be some changes made in your present home to accommodate the use of a wheelchair. Often a few simple changes can make life so much easier and allows the disabled person using the wheelchair to be as independent as possible. These modifications can be as simple as installing grab bars in…

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