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Buying an Exterior Stair lift – Points to Consider

Stairs pose a major barrier for the elderly or people with limited mobility. Outdoor staircases that lead to the garden or driveway may pose greater risks as they may be exposed to outdoor weather elements and can become extremely slippery. Exterior stair lifts can provide the solution to this problem. These accessibility devices improve the…

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Complex Rehab Technology: An Essential Business

The COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis beyond anything our modern world has experienced. The implications of this global event continue to affect every aspect of society and industry, most notably the healthcare community. The complex rehab technology (CRT) industry has also faced COVID-19 challenges, however, as a federally deemed essential provider, providers such as…

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Forging Ahead with Continuity of Care

As the United States – and the world – have dealt with the impact of COVID-19, the words “essential” and “non-essential” have become part of our vernacular. While the definition of what is an “essential business” has varied from state-to-state and even city-to-city, the role of NSM is firmly established as essential in all cases.…

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A Worthwhile Investment: Empowering ATPs and Technicians

Investing in leadership development not only drives operational excellence, but also inspires best practices for peers in any industry. With regards to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), National Seating & Mobility (NSM) remains committed to investing in employees and establishing best practices for the industry as a whole. On the frontlines of client services are Assistive…

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