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Build a Ramp on Your Own with DIY Modular Ramps

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) modular wheelchair ramps help to build a ramp of your choice. So if you are planning to build a ramp of your own, then you can purchase ADA-compliant DIY modular ramps from National Seating & Mobility. Ramps have to be built in keeping with the users’ needs, should be safe and sturdy, comply with all…

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Modular Ramps to Enhance Accessibility in Homes and Public Spaces

Making ramps a regular feature of the environment offers benefits for everyone. Modular ramps can be customized for home and public places, making them more accessible for people with and without disabilities, including people with baby strollers and bicycle riders. If you have a large landscaped area from your home to car porch which you don’t want…

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Commercial Wheelchair Lifts – Designed for Low-Rise Travel

Commercial wheelchair lifts are a perfect choice for use in schools, offices, churches and public buildings. This lift can accommodate a wheelchair along with its occupant and transport them to or from stages, platforms, porches or decks. It can help overcome steps or similar vertical barriers in low-rise commercial buildings and is suitable for both…

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