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Complement Your Exterior with a Wooden Ramp

Installed over steps, thresholds or doorways, ramps allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users to access steps, vehicles and raised landings with ease. These accessibility systems are durable and easy to assemble. National Seating & Mobility will help configure the product you choose to meet your requirements. Compared to aluminum systems, wooden ramps are special because they can…

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Curved Stair Lift to Suit a Wide Range of Staircase Configurations

Climbing up and down the staircase is one of the most common challenges faced by older adults and people with mobility issues. Stair lifts resolve complex staircase challenges by allowing the user to glide up and down a flight of stairs easily and comfortably. National Seating & Mobility offers stair chair lifts to suit the different types…

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Ramps for Safe, Smooth Access to Buildings

The crux of universal building design is that it should accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Not everyone can use stairs. Ramps overcome the challenges posed by stairs, providing safe and smooth access between levels. Whether for wheelchair users, mothers with children in strollers or people carrying heavy stuff, ramps are an ideal accessibility solution. Widely…

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