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Portable Wheelchair Ramps – An Ideal Option for Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Users

A ramp is an easy to set up accessibility solution for people with mobility issues. These devices allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users to safely access steps, raised thresholds, vehicles and raised landings. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer ramps in different types and sizes and include custom, modular and portable ramps. Portable wheelchair ramps help wheelchair and mobility scooter users overcome the barriers posed by steps, curbs and inclines in residential and commercial spaces. Lightweight and compact, these devices are available in a multitude of sizes and can provide easy access into and out of vans, SUVs and trucks.

An ideal option for temporary applications such as home stays, meetings and field trips, portable ramps allow safe and easy access to areas where a wheelchair or mobility scooter cannot go. Other common features include –

  • Can be easily dismantled, transported, and stored
  • Can be folded for ease of transport
  • Anti-slip surface that provides traction in all weather conditions
  • Single-fold ramp hinge
  • Ergonomically-designed handles

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Models Available

National Seating & Mobility offers a variety of portable wheelchair ramps from top brands such as EZ-Access and Prairie View Industries. Popular models include –

  • Aluminum & Rubber Threshold Ramps – These ramps are durable, portable and easy to install. Ideal to be used in both residential and commercial settings, these devices allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users to easily access doorways, sliding glass doors, showers and raised landings. Made of both aluminum and rubber materials, these ramps come with an anti-slip surface that provides traction in all weather conditions.Popular models include –
    • Aluminum Threshold THR Series
    • EZ-Access Threshold
    • Rubber Threshold
    • ELEV8® Adjustable
    • Rubber Threshold – Stone Cap(TM) Transition
    • EZ-Access 1.5-In Rubber Thresh Beveled (1 or 2 pack)
    • EZ-Access Threshold Combo pack
  • Suitcase Ramps – This is a single-fold design portable ramp that can be used for stairs, cars, trucks, and other low to moderate land rises. These ramps can be quickly dismantled into two pieces by simply removing two hinge pins. Two lightweight sections in this ramp series make it easier and lighter to carry in their own carrying handle. Popular models of suitcase rampsinclude – Top Lip Extension (TLE), Suitcase ramp Signature series and Advantage series from EZ-Access.
  • Multifold Ramps – Multifold ramps can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters with various wheel configurations. As the name suggests, it can be folded like a suitcase, making it easy to carry and store when travelling. Offering a 3-year warranty, multifold ramps come with safety DVD and steel security pins, and safety guide. The safety guide indicates whether the ramp is on a safe slope. It allows rear door access on utility trailers, SUVs, and vans. Popular models of multi-fold ramps include – Top Lip Extension (TLE), WCR Series (600-800 lb capacity) and Trifold Advantage Series (800lb capacity).
  • Solid Wheelchair Ramps – Suitable for scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, canes and crutches, this 6″ ramp comes with an 850 pound weight capacity. It can easily accommodate wider chairs. The sturdy one-piece design provides for ease of use and minimal set-up. Top models of solid wheelchair ramps include – EZ-Access GATEWAY™ Solid Surface Portable Ramp classic series and EZ-Access GATEWAY™ Solid Surface Portable Ramps W/HR classic series.
  • Wheelchair Ramps for Vans, SUVs and Trucks – These ramps are designed to load wheelchairs or scooters into and out of transport vehicles such as vans, trucks and SUVs. These can be folded to carry like a suitcase and can accommodate loads of up to 400 pounds. This lightweight and easy-to-handle device comes in models like – Rear Door Van Ramps and Multifold Reach.

Installing ramps is not an easy task. The installation process needs to be done right by trained professionals; otherwise, the consequences can be dangerous.

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