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Rolling Along

How a proposed bill in Pennsylvania aims to keep wheelchair users moving through regular maintenance. Service and repair are vital components of the complex rehabilitation technology (CRT) industry. We recently chatted with Matt Berwick, president of the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the United Spinal Association, about legislation he’s advocating for in Pennsylvania. The Wheelchair Quality…

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Achieving Your Dreams

“I was 4 years old the first time I got on a sled, and I hated it,” McCoy recalls. “My pusher had bent downto tie her skates or left to help someone else, and I just started crying because I wasn’t moving.” McCoy, who has spina bifida, soon learned to love the sport. He and…

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Heart to Heart

Personal stories that inform, inspire and empower 5 Things to Know About Ben Waites 1. Making music is his calling. Ben, who holds an interdisciplinary degree in music, communications and theater arts, regards his love for music as a calling. “At 10 years old, I had a salvation experience with God,” Waites says. “I felt…

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On the Horizon

Both Apple and Microsoft recently announced accessibility tech updates designed to better meet the needs of the disability community These include: Door Detection, a navigation feature on iPhone and iPad for users who are blind or low vision. The tool helps users navigate the last few feet to their destination, providing detailed information about the…

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