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Stair Lifts – a Great Option in Residences and Commercial Buildings

Stairs are a challenge to people with mobility issues. With increasing age, you may find it difficult to move quickly and a fall can mean loss of independence or mobility. Steep stairs in the house limit your mobility or you may become anxious while climbing stairs, which in turn may increase the risk of falling. A stair lift is a great mobility equipment that helps mobility challenged individuals and seniors to use the stairs safely with confidence, whether at home or in public spaces. Stair lifts are designed to be compatible with straight as well as curved staircases.

Following are the two major benefits of a stair lift:

  • Prevents accidents: Stairs pose considerable risk if you have a mobility concern. But with stair lifts, seniors as well as disabled people can move around the house safely. It also reduces the possibility of falls and trips.
  • Gives a sense of independence and confidence: Being able to use the stairs independently will nurture a sense of confidence in you. With this equipment, you will never hesitate to climb up and down the stairs. This will also eliminate that feeling of helplessness.

Stair Lift Market to Grow Through 2021

With the growing elderly population increasingly experiencing age-related health problems such as arthritis, climbing stairs has become difficult for a large number of people. This in turn has resulted in an increased demand for stair lifts and elevators. The stair lift industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.5% through 2021. The top players in the market include Bruno, Harmar, Savaria, Stannah and Topchair among others. Technology has advanced over the years and the range of lifts on the market has continued to evolve. Straight rail stair lifts, curved rail and outdoor stair lifts, and platform lifts are all available now. A platform lift is very useful because it allows the user to stay in his/her wheelchair as they ascend or descend the stairs. These can be manufactured and installed to meet individual requirements.

The largest share of the global stair lift market is held by North America, with Europe coming in second. The United States, UK, and Switzerland provide grants to qualifying citizens to purchase mobility devices, which accounts for the market dominance of these regions.

Stair Lifts Are a Safe and Reliable Choice

With more advanced and safe stair lifts being manufactured, the demand for this equipment is projected to rise in the coming years. Apart from being a great option for the disabled and elderly people, stair lifts add comfort and convenience in homes and offices.

National Seating & Mobility can help you select the right customized stair lift for your use, whether at home or your business place. They also provide timely installation, inspection and maintenance services that will keep your stair lift functioning safely and smoothly over the years.

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