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Residential Wheelchair Lifts Enable Easy Access to Different Levels of Your Home

National Seating & Mobility provides you the freedom and convenience to move around your home at just the push of a button. Residential wheelchair lifts are vertical platform lifts (VPL) that can transport a mobility impaired individual and their scooter or wheelchair between different floors of the home. These ADA-compliant platform lifts are strong as well as durable. They are cost-effective, easy to install and operate, and are maintenance free. They are reliable and provide a smooth and quiet ride. They do not require a machine room and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These wheelchair lifts can be installed to fit perfectly with the architectural design of your house.

Popular Models of Residential Wheelchair Lifts

National Seating & Mobility makes available residential porch lifts, tall lifts and garage applications from top manufacturer Bruno. All these units can help you in accessing a small rise to your garage door landing or front porch, up to a 14′ lift to an upper deck. The key features of these devices are:

  • Accommodates 750 pounds of weight
  • Automatic self-lowering folding ramp
  • Solenoid actuated braking at the landings
  • Keyed, constant pressure controls on platform with emergency stop switch
  • All-weather protected controls and switches with powder-coated finish
  • Top & bottom limit switches with upper final limit safety switch
  • 36″ x 48″ slip resistant platform
  • Reversible design and dual V-belt driven acme screw with backup safety nut
  • Spring sensitive bottom plate shuts unit down, whenever an obstruction is encountered
  • Welded steel tubular guide construction with formed 16 GA sheet steel guarding
  • Top landing gate includes call and send controls with key and mechanical interlock
  • Manual hand crank lowering provided via top cap

Purchase Residential Wheelchair lifts from an Authorized Dealer

National Seating & Mobility offers proper assistance right from choosing the appropriate residential wheelchair lift through its final installation. They also provide excellent maintenance services to keep the lift working in excellent condition.

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