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Top Benefits of Installing Residential Stair lifts

It’s common for people to lose their mobility as they get older. With age, things like a set of stairs can become difficult to navigate. When the stairs become a challenge, some may consider downsizing to a single-level home or moving into a retirement living facility. The good news is, those aren’t the only options.

Age in place with a home stair lift 

Installing a stair lift provides a quick and cost-effective solution to easily getting up and down stairs. No one should feel like they’ve lost access to their home. For those with older loved ones, it can also ease the worry that they may fall and get hurt.

Stair lifts are versatile, as well. They aren’t just limited to straight staircases. You can also install them on curved staircases as well. Need to get into your home from a set of outside stairs? No problem, there are also stair lifts that are designed to be used outside.

Here are six important benefits of installing a residential stair lift

  1. Restores Independence – With the installation of a stair lift, seniors can regain a sense of independence they may have lost due to not being able to access their entire home. Stair lifts provide a safe and easy way to access basements and upstairs areas without assistance. There is a certain confidence in knowing everything you need is within reach.
  2. A Safer Home – Stair lifts are the safest way to get up and down stairs. Most stair lift models are equipped with safety features like safety belts and a comfortable chair that provides a safe ride. The lift stops operating if there is any obstruction in its path or if the armrest and footrest aren’t in the right position. These are all important precautions to ensure the stair lift itself doesn’t become a hazard. Most stair lifts even come with a lock switch that prevents the chair from being used by children.
  3. Not Bulky – Some people may think of stair lifts as taking up an entire staircase, but that’s not the case. Stair chair lifts are fixed close to the edge between the stairs and the wall. They take up as little space as possible, allowing other people to walk up and down the stairs whenever they need to. Most stair lifts achieve this by having foldable seats and footrests which can be easily tucked away when the chair is not in use.  For example, the Bruno Elan can fit on staircases as narrow as 18 inches wide!
  4. Easy to Use – Stair lifts are easy to operate. Even new users can get a stair lift operating in just a few seconds. Most stair lifts automatically stop when they reach the top, but they can also be manually stopped halfway up to return if the user changes their mind. Many stair lifts even include a remote control option, which is helpful if more than one person needs to use the lift. If a person is at the top landing of the staircase and the lift is at the bottom, the chair can be called with the press of a button.
  5. Cost-effective and Quick Installation – Stair lifts are surprisingly affordable accessibility devices. Part of that is due to how quickly they can be installed. In most cases, installation can be done in two to three hours. If you only temporarily need a stair lift, they can be easily removed as well.
  6. Stair Lifts are Customizable – Stair lifts are not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, curved stair lifts are custom-made to fit the twists and turns of the individual staircase. In certain cases, stair lifts can be customized with different looks and functionality.

We here at National Seating & Mobility provide everything people need for an exceptional experience, including in-home evaluations, a range of products to choose from, excellent installation support, and training once the stair lift is installed. Our expert technicians will assess all the different aspects like the width, length and design of the staircase to ensure the perfect fitting stair lift is installed.

Everyone deserves access to their whole home. By installing a stair lift, anyone can comfortably and safely go up and down the stairs independently.

Want to learn more about getting a stair lift?

Getting a stair lift is a big decision, and our team is ready to support you in your research and answer any questions you may have. If you’re ready, we can even provide you with a free quote. Reach out today!

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