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Top Tips for the Safe Use of a Stair lift

Installing a stair lift in your home can be a smart investment if you have elderly members with mobility challenges. A stair chair lift helps people with mobility issues to move safely from one floor to another without having to climb the stairs. In addition to enhancing their mobility, it also provides users with a sense of independence. National Seating & Mobility offers different models of straight and curved stair lifts equipped with several advanced features. Modern stair lift models are very safe and reliable when used correctly. However, as with any mechanical device, a stair lift can cause serious injuries if it is not handled properly. Here are some general guidelines for the safe use of stair lifts –

  • Buckle up – Stair lifts move at an extremely safe speed, but even with this in mind, users should still buckle up. The seatbelt can prevent users from falling out of the stairlift during the ride and sustaining serious injuries. Never attempt to use your stair lift without buckling up first. Remember that proper supervision is essential for people who are disabled.
  • Fold the seat – It is important to keep the seat of the lift folded when the device is not in use and prevent it from getting in the way of individuals using the stairs. Simply folding the seat after each use can prevent falls and related accidents on the stairs.
  • One passenger at a time – Stairlifts are designed to carry one person at a time. Try not to exceed the maximum weight limit that the device can support. Stair lift users should never attempt to transport multiple passengers at a time or use the device to move heavy items, such as furniture. Read the device user manual in detail and pay close attention to the maximum weight limit specified by the manufacturer.
  • Keep stairs clear of obstructions – It is important to keep the stairs clear of all obstructions. Things like torn carpet, loose boards, toys or clothing in the path of the lift pose a hazard if they are not removed. These obstructions can get in the way of the device which could cause you and the device to get stuck on the stairs.
  • Child-lock – Make sure that children do not play with or on the accessibility equipment. Top stair lift models come with a child-lock immobilization feature that prevents children from using the device without your supervision.
  • Obstruction sensors – Most modern stair lifts are fitted with safety sensors that automatically stop the lift when they detect any solid object in their path such as pets or toys. Also, some models come equipped with pressure sensitive safety surfaces, which will stop the lift when an obstruction is detected. However, ensure that there are no obstructions in the lift’s path before you operate it.
  • Beware of loose items – Items such as scarves, long skirts, blankets, and long jackets could become trapped under the stairlift mechanism, causing personal injury or damaging the device. Make sure that loose items are kept clear of the lift before use.
  • No liquids – Do not drink near the stairlift or let any type of liquid come in contact with it. If you need to transport liquids, do so with care and using a container with a lid.
  • Regular maintenance – Proper and timely maintenance is important to keep your stairlift in operating condition and avoid accidents. If your stairlift stops working, behaves erratically, safety features fail or it exhibit any sign of wear and tear, contact your dealer. Never attempt to repair or maintain a stairlift yourself – you could injure yourself or cause additional damage, which can void the warranty with the dealer or manufacturer.

Stair lifts are a great addition to your home if you struggle with mobility problems. When used properly, a stairlift will provide many years of reliable mobility. National Seating & Mobility offers top quality stair lifts and also ensures the best prices and free shipping. You would also be assured of reliable installation and repairs and maintenance support to keep your device in good working condition.

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