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Tips for Stair Chair Lift Care and Maintenance

Stair lifts are extremely useful for seniors and people with mobility challenges and enable them to access the different levels of their home. This accessibility device features a motorized seat that runs up and down the staircase on a rail or track, allowing the user to move comfortably from floor to floor in a seated, standing or perched position. It is a good option for homes that have space constraints and cannot accommodate an elevator.

A stair lift is a worthwhile investment for your home and if maintained properly, can last a lifetime. Before using the lift, read through the instruction manual carefully to get familiar with the basic rules and guidelines. Follow the instructions properly in order to ensure the longevity of the product. If you have any questions relating to the basic care of the unit, refer to your manual or consult the manufacturer.

Taking care of your stair lift is important to ensure that it works smoothly and to extend its lifespan. Here are some tips to help you maintain and take care of your stair chair lift:

  • Keep the stair lift track clear of debris – Always check whether the lift track is clear before using the stair lift. Top models of stair lifts are integrated with safety features that immediately stop operation if the lift encounters any obstruction in its path. However, small objects can get stuck on the track. So always ensure that the track is free of clutter or debris.
  • Never unplug the stair lift – Never unplug the device when it is not in use. As the stair lift uses very little energy, unplugging it every time could damage the battery pack.
  • Do not exceed maximum weight capacity – A stair lift is sometimes used to transport heavy items up and down the stairs. Be careful not to exceed the maximum weight the lift can safely carry.
  • Take care of the seat – All moving parts of the stair chair lift need to be kept clean and oiled, including the swivel seat. Use a wet cloth to clean it and lubricate it every few months.
  • Lubricate the track – A stair chair lift can become stiff over time and may not move smoothly. Cleaning and lubricating the track every few months can address this. Do not any use solvents and detergents as these can be abrasive. You can also get the lubrication done by a maintenance expert.
  • Recharge your stair lift – Keep your stair lift fully charged for the best results. After you use the lift, make sure that it is at the very end of the track-either at the top or bottom-and kept charged and ready to use.
  • Cover your outdoor stair lift – When compared to indoor models, outdoor lifts require more maintenance and cleaning. Cover the seat of your outdoor stair lift to protect it against bad weather.

Taking care of your stair lift is important to maintain its functionality and increase its durability. When it comes to maintenance, the best option could be to opt for a professional annual service. They will carry out cleaning and lubrication efficiently, provide valuable advice on maintenance, and help replace damaged parts.

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