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June is Observed as National Safety Month (NSM)

Since 1996, the National Safety Council (NSC) has been observing June as National Safety Month (NSM) to increase awareness about preventing injuries and deaths at work, home, on the roads, and in communities. In 2021, the NSC celebrates the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month. With this annual observance, everyone can help each other keep safe whether at the workplace, home, or any other place.

According to NSC’s Injury Facts,

  • The number of preventable work deaths increased 2% from 2018 in 2019, totaling 4,572
  • Work-related medically consulted injuries totaled 4.64 million in 2019

Each week, throughout National Safety Month, you have the opportunity to focus on different aspects of safety at home, in the workplace, and the community. The NSC President and CEO Lorraine M. Martin says “This year, we aim to inspire and support the EHS community to make people’s lives safer on and off the job.”

Weekly topics recommended by NSC for this NSM are:

Week 1 – Prevent Incidents before They Start

  • Identify risks and take proactive safety measures to reduce hazard exposure and create a safe workplace.

Week 2 – Address Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns

Employers play an important role in expanding operations

  • Returning remote workers to physical workspaces
  • Building trust around vaccines, and
  • Supporting mental health among others

Week 3 – It’s Vital to Feel Safe on the Job

  • Organizations need to focus not only on physical safety, but on psychological safety too

Week 4 – Advance Your Safety Journey

  • NSC can provide guidance for organizations and individuals to move forward safely

Increased public awareness of the safety and health risks can reduce the number of injuries and deaths at homes and workplaces. Consider these tips to observe National Safety Month at home, office, or on the road –

At home

  • Stay prepared for emergency
  • Have a first-aid kit handy
  • Install custom stairlifts, if any of your family members has disability issues
  • Take steps to prevent slips, trips and falls
  • Install fire alarms on all levels
  • Install safety rails in showers and bathtubs to assist in safely getting in and out
  • Use wheelchair ramps to make homes accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users
  • Keep medications and cleaning materials safely away from young children
  • Identify risks around the home or improve safety standards at home
  • Inspect ladders for broken rungs or missing bolts before using them

At the Office

  • Hold regular safety meetings with your team and staff
  • Use office equipment properly and with care to prevent accidents
  • Conduct safety equipment inspections regularly
  • Develop rescue plans and discuss job-specific hazards with the entire team
  • Advise your staff to stay hydrated and provide regular breaks that help them stay relaxed
  • Install commercial wheelchair lifts to make it convenient for people with disabilities or limited mobility to access the office building

On the Road

  • Wear seatbelt and avoid using cell phone when driving
  • Keep an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle
  • Don’t drive too closely to the vehicle ahead
  • Store necessary medications and a first-aid kit inside the car
  • On longer trips, take frequent breaks as you may get tired

Individuals and employers can equally take part in this National Safety Month campaign, by implementing key safety practices and keeping others too safe.

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