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Guide To Understanding Types Of Platform Lifts For Homes (Part 2)

In the last post, we discussed some of the most common types of platform lifts for homes. However, it’s important to have a good understanding of all major types of platform and wheelchair lifts prior to determining which is the best option to improve elderly independence and general accessibility standards. Here’s part two of our guide to understanding the types of platform lifts for homes.

Enclosed Platform Lift
As another option with a durable design, enclosed platform lifts are meant to move within a certain home enclosure. They’re operated by continuous pressure push buttons and are generally equipped with glass doors, allowing passengers to see the inside of the structure when moving between floors. However, they do tend to have smaller capacities; they typically can move passengers between two to three floors only. Enclosed platform lifts may not be ideal elderly lift assist devices due to the fact that they don’t have automatic controls. The user will have to hold the button when traveling between floors, and due to the slower speed of this model, it can take up to 80 seconds to move the user between several floors. Automatic operations are typically much easier to work with, but enclosed platforms can certainly be viable options for multiple situations.

Open Platform Lift
Finally, open platform lifts are, as their name implies, wide open aside from a guarded platform that serves as a wall or barrier on one side of the lift. These lifts are designed for moving between spaces without much elevation changes, such as a mezzanine. They’re typically used in places where ramps are simply not viable. Like their enclosed counterparts, open platform lifts for homes are equipped with push buttons instead of automatic. However, since the distance traveled is typically much shorter, push buttons are easier to use because they don’t need to be held down for nearly as long.

Among older adults, over 50% of all falls take place at home, and ultimately, understanding the various types of platform lifts for homes is the key to deciding which mobility options are right for you or your loved one.

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