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Guide To Preventing Bathroom Injuries: Part 2

In the last post, we discussed some basic bathroom safety tips designed to maximize mobility and elderly independence. Every year, over two million senior citizens visit the emergency room for injuries caused by a fall, and it’s important to have an understanding of all the ways to make your bathroom safer in order to determine which tips are right for you. Here’s part two of our guide to preventing bathroom injuries.

Ensure Adequate Seating
Having enough places to sit is essential to creating a handicap accessible bathroom that those will all mobility levels can safely and easily use. Adding a seat somewhere around your sink or vanity area gives those with limited mobility the option to sit down when performing everyday tasks like brushing their teeth. Similarly, installing some sort of shower seating allows you to sit down if you need to take a short break or need to perform a certain task easier. When it comes down to it, optimizing your bathroom’s seating options is one of the best ways to prevent falls and other accidents.

Don’t Neglect Lighting
Having adequate lighting is essential to preventing falls, especially in the bathroom. Make sure that your bathroom’s lights are bright enough to illuminate all areas of your bathroom. Adding a mirror can help reflect more light and illuminate areas that the lights may not naturally reach. And of course, make sure to install some sort of night light as well. When using the bathroom during the middle of the night, turning the full lights on can hurt the eyes of those with light sensitivities, and offering a simple nighttime solution like a night light ensures maximum safety and comfort.

Raise Toilet Height
Finally, if you or your loved one with limited mobility have trouble going from a standing to a sitting position and back again, raising the height of your toilet by even a few inches can drastically help to improve mobility and reduce the chance of a bathroom fall.

Ultimately, understanding these bathroom safety tips can help you or your loved one with limited mobility stay as safe and comfortable in the bathroom as possible.

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