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Driving Innovation

Innovative technology and creative approaches are driving equipment design in the world of complex rehabilitation technology.

In the complex rehabilitation technology industry, creativity and innovation are vital. Because each CRT solution is highly customized, finding the right fit for each CRT user requires a creative approach and an innovative spirit. New advances in the industry— driven by innovative technologies and a desire to continually improve—are making it easier to find solutions that fit specific user needs.


Power Standing Wheelchair | Permobil

Standing in your power wheelchair is not a luxury and we should all be asking “Why NOT power standing?” Now available in both Group 3 and Group 4 base codes, Permobil’s F5 Corpus VS is now more accessible than ever and features fully programmable standing sequences. This means improved health outcomes and meaningful, everyday face-to-face social interactions are within your reach.


• Find the perfect position with the most customizable
standing sequences, including supine, semi-reclined,
and sit-to-stand.
• Users experienced improved outcomes include
increased daily independence, improved range of
motion, pulmonary function, urinary function,
range of motion and psychosocial function.

• Full range of power seat functions for both Group 3
and Group 4 models offer 14 inches of ActiveHeight seat
elevation, 85-180 degrees of power recline, 0-50 degrees
of power tilt and functional drive speeds in standing.
• The F5 Corpus VS Group 4 comes with additional benefits: 7.5 mph top speed, 2-year warranty, hydrographic accent options at no charge, and a preventative maintenance plan.


Tilt-In-Space Manual Wheelchair | Sunrise Medical

The Quickie Access solves multiple seating challenges while also allowing users to self- propel. Its low seat-to-floor height makes it easy to access tables and desks, while the additional tilt and recline options offer clinically effective pressure relief.


  • With a 12 inches seat-to-floor height option, the ACCESS provides the user the unique advantage to be positioned closer to the floor, enabling hand and foot propulsion.
  • 25 degrees of tilt and 50 degrees of recline providing alternative positions for pressure management and helping to improve trunk posture, which enhances respiration, digestion, and function of other vital organs.
  • Posterior tilt allows for ideal positioning for users with kyphosis, while -5 degrees of anterior tilt helps with easy standing and transferring.



Power Positioning Systems with Anterior Tilt | Quantum

Launching soon, the TRU-Balance® 4 Power Positioning System provides enhanced features, such as positional feedback actuators and anterior tilt, to further provide functional benefits to people who use power wheelchairs. TRU-Balance 4 will be available at launch on Quantum’s Stretto, Edge® 3 and 4Front® 2 power wheelchair bases. The system provides several features and benefits, including increasing the user’s visual field, more efficient and safer transfers and increased access to your environment.


• Anterior tilt ranges from 10-30 degrees, promoting functional activities and increasing functional reach, while also helping with trunk and pelvic positioning
for upper extremity function.
• Offers up to eight customizable memory seating positions and up to 49 degrees of posterior tilt.

• Making changing positions easy, TRU-Balance 4 Positioning Systems help with pain management, tone/spasticity management and pressure redistribution.
• Users can drive up to 2 miles per hour when using up to 10 degrees of anterior tilt up to full lift.

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