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Choose Custom Wheelchair Ramps for Access over Raised Thresholds

Stairs, raised thresholds and landings can pose serious barriers for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. Installing ramps in residential and commercial buildings helps address this issue. National Seating & Mobility offers custom, modular and portable ramps for various settings.

Ideal for homes, institutions, and commercial buildings, custom wheelchair ramps are lightweight and portable, and yet extremely durable. Suitable as temporary or permanent fixtures, these ramps can be easily installed and also removed quickly. The top features of these ramp systems are –

  • Vertical pickets
  • Unique welded cone-mounted hand rail design
  • Unique leg design that maximizes structural integrity
  • Textured open mesh surface
  • Slip resistant finish
  • No rusting, no rotting, no splinters
  • Environmentally responsible – 100% recyclable
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Code-compliant mesh design
  • ADA-compliant 36″ width

Custom Wheelchair Ramps – Top Three Models

Here are three types of custom wheelchair ramps available –

  • Aluminum Series – Featuring a unique welded cone-mounted hand rail design; these ramps are strong and durable and can be easily installed within hours. It comes with a total weight capacity of 800 lbs, this system allows natural drainage, yet is small enough to prevent small objects from passing through.
  • Steel Series – These ADA-compliant ramps are durable and economical option for wheelchair and scooter accessibility. With a total weight capacity of 800 lbs, the system comes with a textured finish for slip resistance. All components of the ramp are coated with a durable powder-coated finish, which is far more hard-wearing than painted steel ramps.
  • Wood Series – This series complements outdoor decks and patios better than steel or aluminum ramps. Floor board spacing gaps allow for drainage as well as natural expansion and contraction. The ADA-compliant 36″ width model comes with a unique leg design that maximizes structural integrity. It also features pressure treated wood to prevent rotting.

Choose a Reputable Dealer

National Seating & Mobility will help you choose the right option to meet your specific requirements.

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