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Bruno Indoor Elite CRE 2110 Curved Stair Lift

Experience the smooth, quiet ride of Bruno’s Elite Curve. Quality and comfort are second to none with a Bruno stairlift. Built to the exact specifications of your stairs, the Elite melds into every curve.

Features of this model:

Luxury Styling – Plush, generous-size seat with multiple height adjustments,
adjustable arm widths and footrest height for maximum comfort.

Custom Rail – Handmade rail for beautiful curves, precision fit and smooth ride. Covered gear rack gives clean appearance and reduces exposure to dirt, grease.

Space Saving – Unique vertical rail leaves maximum open space on steps. Fold arms, seat and footrest to save even more space.

Easy Operation – High-performance ride. Armrest control activates stairlift. Two wireless remote controls also included.

Safe – Seat swivels up to 90 degrees at top landing, extends and locks in place for safe exit away from steps. Retractable seat belt and obstruction sensors ensure safety.

Dependable – Battery-powered ensures performance even in a power outage.

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