We only build one chair.
The one that is perfect for you.

When you choose NSM, you receive so much more than a custom chair. You inherit a team of dedicated professionals who consider it a privilege to serve you with excellence, ingenuity and above all, respect. Our clients give us high marks for being flexible and easy to work with—and that means a great deal to us. Here is what some of them have said:

Client Testimonials

I was discharged from hospital in the morning and had my walker by noon. The delivery person made a few adjustments and I was ready to go.”

– RR, Lafayette

“We have worked with Todd for over a decade. His knowledge, expertise and caring attitude are outstanding”

– ES, Champaign

“I have NEVER had a supplier who worked so hard to make sure my wheelchair was a perfect fit. Tracey Ashley was SO knowledgeable. He explained usage, charging, EVERYTHING..”

– JLS, Atlanta

“I can always call and explain to the technician what was going on with my chair. They promptly call me back. They are extremely knowledgeable about my power wheelchair.”

– DR, Chicago South

“Kathy explained with great detail all the options I had when ordering my wheelchair and it was a great fit for me.”

– KT, Missouri

“Marlin is a wonderful representative for your company. I felt like he had my best interest at heart.”

– RJ, California

“I wish that other companies would treat me with the respect and courtesy your company has. No complaints.”

– JB, Tennessee

“My chair is perfectly suited to my needs. I would recommend your service to anyone. It was a great experience.”

– DR, Kansas