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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 28, 2019) —National Seating & Mobility (NSM), the leading provider of complex rehabilitation, mobility and accessibility solutions in the U.S., has launched Remote Evaluation, a service and repair initiative expediting the process to keep clients moving with as little down time as possible. The full-service model elevates NSM’s service and repair business, saving time and money for technicians and clients, and positioning technicians to provide best-in-class service.


The new program shifts from the traditional two-step service model to a one-step model backed by a process encompassing verbal diagnostics, video diagnostics, connected chair integration and a 20- point inspection checklist. Using any one or combination of these strategies, the technician may solve repair issues immediately, or utilize garnered information to facilitate a successful repair at the first inperson appointment.


“Our Remote Evaluation program is a much-needed replacement of the traditional, less-efficient CRT repair process,” said Bill Mixon, NSM CEO. “Combining manufacturer technology with video and verbal diagnostics gives us a significant capability to prioritize client needs and accelerate equipment repairs.”


To further advance client care, NSM technicians will close repair evaluation diagnostic calls with an equipment audit driven by a 20-point inspection checklist. The audit flags other potential equipment repair needs and prompts the submission of orders and approvals needed for a proactive and timely repair, before the issue affects a client’s mobility. The company is also instituting in-branch repairs allowing technicians to easily access equipment and parts inventory and drastically minimizing the time it takes to resolve service needs.


“The successful implementation of Remote Evaluation within our day-to-day branch operations will positively impact our clients, technicians and company as a whole,” said Mixon. “It reduces waiting time for our clients, travel time for our techs and associated repair costs for both. It also decreases cycle times and increases our overall technician productivity. Most importantly, Remote Evaluation empowers us to accelerate the repair of equipment that’s necessary to keep our clients moving through life.”


In the first full month of the program’s launch, the company has used Remote Evaluation to assess equipment repairs more than 700 times. Immediate traction from technician support is driving positive momentum around the new initiative.


About National Seating Mobility


National Seating & Mobility is the nation’s premier Complex Rehab Technology Solutions provider, partnering with physicians, therapists and clients across the U.S. to design customized innovative mobility, rehabilitation and adaptive product solutions for individuals with disabilities. Founded in 1992, the company has grown from five locations to a national network of professional Assistive Technology Providers (ATPs). National Seating & Mobility has earned the highest professional accreditation from the independent, not-for-profit, The Joint Commission. As preeminent accrediting body for U.S. healthcare organizations, The Joint Commission maintains unrivaled industry standards. For more information visit

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