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Simple Stair Lift Installation for a Safe and Accessible Home

For those with mobility concerns due to balance, joint pain and stiffness, leg strength or any other physical condition, climbing stairs can be a challenge. Even a few simple steps can seem to be an impassable obstacle and may be difficult and unsafe to access. Elderly people with mobility challenges find staircases really challenging. There is always the potential danger of falling down the stairs and getting injured. Stair lifts are designed to help people move up and down their staircase safely and easily. Moreover, they instill an important sense of independence and freedom in the users, thus improving the quality of their life. A stair lift can be installed into any staircase where the stair tread is in good condition.

An established supplier of mobility equipment, National Seating & Mobility has installed different types of stair lifts for residential as well as commercial settings.

We recently installed a stair lift for a client with mobility issues in Bergen County, NJ. For this client, 3 small steps might as well have been 300 steps. The requirement was to provide a reliable solution to improve accessibility.

Our expert, factory-trained technicians installed a simple stair lift that helped the client move up and down these steps without any difficulty. Now the home is safe and accessible. The client is happy with our service.

Our professional installation and maintenance support will ensure the smooth and reliable functioning of all mobility devices we install.

We are also experienced in assisting contractors, builders, developers and architects with the right mobility solutions for their commercial buildings.

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