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  • FREE in-home assessment
  • Expert evaluation by a certified professional
  • Customized mobility solution to fit individual needs
  • Accepts Medicare & Most Commercial Insurance Plans
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE equipment training
  • Multiple service centers in central Florida
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NSM’s team of experts are trained to get you in the power wheelchair that is right for you, ensuring you get all the functionality you need.


About Our Power Wheelchairs:
  • Include an integrated programmable joystick
  • Minimum running time of 7 miles
  • Traverse 2" thresholds to more easily navigate uneven terrain
  • Tight 22” turning radius to access narrow areas
  • Optional power seat elevator





Our certified mobility specialists will assess which power chair fits your needs and will assist to procure your mobility evaluation from a licensed therapist/physician.




Once documentation is secured, we work directly with your funding source to submit all necessary documentation for authorization.




We'll contact you to schedule delivery at your convenience — then provide all of the training you will need to get moving through your home & life!

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Learn More About Which Power Chair Is Right For You


Download our informative brochure, absolutely free.


For more than 25 years, National Seating & Mobility has been providing unparalleled products and services meeting mobility and accessibility needs, no matter how simple or complex. We are committed to providing 360-Degree Complete Mobility Solutions, always striving to help our clients move through life with confidence.



From innovative power and manual chairs, to custom seating and positioning solutions, our mobility products allow you to move through life comfortably and confidently.

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You deserve to fully enjoy the life and home you love with less worry. With top-of-the-line stair lifts, vehicle lifts, custom indoor and outdoor ramps, bath modification products and more, we can help.

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We are committed to providing expert care and timely service for every customer, including remote evaluation, preventative maintenance and a dedication to servicing your equipment.

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We're not just mobility experts. We're your mobility experts.

Contact us today to learn more about getting a chair that feels like it was custom-made for you.



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  • How much will it cost me?

    • Most insurances require prior authorization prior to receiving the equipment so you will know your projected out of pocket expenses prior to delivery.
  • Will the power wheelchair work outside and access areas like my yard?
    • Insurance companies will approve the need for a power wheelchair for use inside your residence, however, the power wheelchairs have suspension systems to allow for small variances in terrain.
  • How long will the process take?
    • The process does require an in-person meeting with your primary care physician along with the required documentation to file a claim with your insurance.  The process can take 45-75 days.

  • Is the power wheelchair transportable?

    • The power wheelchair is not designed for disassembly however there many options for lifts for your vehicle to transport your power wheelchair when traveling outside the home.
  • What happens if my power wheelchair needs parts or repairs?
    • Your power wheelchair comes with a 1-year warranty on the mechanical components.  After your warranty expires, your insurance may cover all or a portion for parts and labor needed to get your power wheelchair repaired.
  • Do I have ownership of the power wheelchair when it is delivered?
    • Some insurances will only rent a power wheelchair based on your needs.  When the power wheelchair is rented through your insurance, it is NSM’s responsibility to fix/repair the power wheelchair during the rental period.  After the rental period has ended (refer to as Capped Out) then ownership of the power wheelchair transfers to the client and will be responsible for the equipment thereafter.
  • Where can I get my power wheelchair repaired? Will you come to me?
    • NSM has many locations to repair your equipment regardless of where you originally received the power wheelchair.  While NSM prefers you to bring the power wheelchair to branches as we can fix them on the spot, we can make arrangements to come to your home or place of business for the repair.
  • How do I decide which power wheelchair is right for me?
    • NSM has RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) that have been specifically trained on matching the most appropriate power wheelchair to you for current and future needs.  It is also the responsibility of an NSM ATP to educate the client on all the options available to you and educate on insurance coverage of those options.
  • Can I replace the batteries in my power wheelchair?
    • It is not recommended for the client to change the batteries given our technicians are trained to make the changes.  Additionally, most insurances will not reimburse the client if they performed the work independently.
  • Will my insurance cover wheelchair accessories?
    • Most insurance companies will cover for wheelchair accessories if there is a legitimate medical need, such as an oxygen tank holder for a client that uses oxygen or elevating leg rests for a client to reduce swelling.  Some accessories such as backpacks or pouches are not medically justifiable.
  • Do you provide temporary wheelchairs while mine is being replaced?
    • NSM does have loaner power wheelchairs available at each location on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Our goal is to get your equipment repaired as quickly as possible and whether the power wheelchair is under warranty or out of warranty a loaner can help provide the mobility needed while your power wheelchair is being repaired.
  • Do I need to do any routine maintenance on my power wheelchair?
    • It is best to keep your power wheelchair on a charging scheduled regardless of usage.  You cannot over-charge your power wheelchair.  It is recommended to avoid high water areas or using the chair in the rain.

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