At NSM, we are uniquely positioned to search hundreds of sources for the precise components needed to create a chair that is one-of-a-kind. That means we leave no stone unturned. And that means each chair can be designed for maximum comfort and ease, and will provide the therapeutic benefits prescribed by the health care team. But what really sets NSM apart is our approach—we work from the heart, honoring your journey of independence with efficient, friendly attention that puts your interests first. This is our life’s work—to help others move through life—and we take it very seriously
National Seating & Mobility is a member of your rehabilitation health care team. We work with your physician, nurses and therapists to provide a one-of-a-kind mobility solution that is customized to your needs and preferences. Because we work in a partnership with your health care team, we require a referral from them in order to be your wheelchair provider. To help ensure your choice of NSM, you should request that your physician and/or therapist select us as your provider of choice.
NSM strives to complete each timeline phase as quickly as possible without compromising any step in the process. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please refer to this page for the full timeline.
As the timeline on the previous page illustrates, there are many steps in the process of obtaining a chair and none of these can be skipped.
Yes, you can assist with obtaining the paperwork from your physician and your therapist. As their patient, you can contact them and request that they provide the necessary documentation as quickly as possible.

NSM cannot submit for funding without the proper documentation. Once it is submitted, you can contact your funding source to request they expedite your authorization.

Our clients have mobility challenges and are referred to us by therapists and physicians in order to receive the customized wheelchair they deserve. If you need a wheelchair, your best plan is to talk with your physician or therapist and get a thorough evaluation from a qualified RTS.
Contact your local NSM branch and notify us of any changes that may affect the proper fit and function of your chair.
We accept payment from a vast number of payer sources, including Medicaid and Medicare. Visit our website at to find your closest NSM branch that can assist with insurance-related questions.
Contact your local NSM branch and notify the customer service representative of any changes. We will contact your insurance provider and determine what is needed to make sure that your order is managed appropriately and continues to progress.
We also provide beds, bath equipment, car seats, communication devices, gait trainers, lift chairs and virtually anything else that will help improve mobility and independence.
Definitely. A standard or not customized chair can cause more harm than good. People come in all shapes and sizes; their chairs must be designed to fit them. In severe situations, a standard or not customized chair may:

• Cause significant physiological and psychological problems.
• Lead to an increase in dependence because it’s not used due to lack of comfort.
• Cause pressure sores, or decubitus, due to improper cushioning.
• Become obsolete quickly if not configured to “grow with the child”.
• Become a major expense to replace or reconfigure, because most funding sources will only reimburse for a new chair every five years.

Qualified companies have Rehab Technology Suppliers (RTSs) on staff who have been certified by the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) and the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). These seating and mobility professionals must pass rigorous testing and have several years of experience in the industry. Ask the wheelchair providers you are considering for their credentials or contact one of the credentialing agencies or for certification requirements.
The choice of a wheeled mobility supplier is yours. Discuss your decision with your physician and therapist.