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Service & Repair

Keep Moving

We understand that as you use your mobility or accessibility equipment to enhance your daily life, wear and tear is normal. We know how stressful it can be to have a vital place of equipment be out of commission, which is why we make it a priority to respond promptly and provide you with excellent service in every situation so you can keep moving.

*Some rental agreements and payer contracts may prohibit NSM from servicing a chair.


How Service & Repair Works

Our experienced technicians stand ready to assist you and guide you through the process of having your mobility device serviced or repaired. Here is what you can expect when working with us:

Step 1

Remote Repair Evaluation & Multi-point Inspection



Est. Turnaround: 1 day - 1 week

We'll utilize our Remote Evaluation process to review each request using audio, video, and connected chair technology when available.*

*Should additional diagnostics be needed, our team will schedule a follow-up visit in person, at your home or nearest branch location.

Step 2

Collect Funding Paperwork



Est. Turnaround: 1 - 3 weeks

We'll collect medical information & documentation to submit to the funding source.

Step 3

Await Funding Approval



Est. Turnaround: 1 - 3 weeks

We follow up with your funding source regularly and send you an update once we have received approval to complete the repair.

Step 4

Purchase Equipment



Est. Turnaround: 1 - 2 weeks

We'll purchase the necessary equipment and review the components upon arrival.

Step 5

Complete The Repair



Est. Turnaround: 1 day - 3 weeks

We'll complete and test the repair, then update you once finished.


The NSM Service Experience

National Seating & Mobility guides each client through every service experience, working as efficiently as possible to help keep our clients moving.

Timely Service

We understand that any time without functioning equipment prevents you from accessing daily life. Our goal is to address each service request as quickly as possible by first utilizing our Remote Evaluation process to triage the request using a combination of audio and video diagnostics. Many times, this process allows our team of experts the ability to resolve issues without ever having to schedule an in-person evaluation.

Expert Care

Our experienced technicians stand ready to assist each client with the same personal attention they have come to expect from NSM. From repairs to preventative maintenance, we are always working to provide quality and safe care for our clients and their equipment. Once a service request is evaluated our team of experts will seek the necessary approvals and order the necessary parts. In the meantime, if a backup chair is needed, we’ll do our best to provide the appropriate rental or loaner equipment.

In-Branch Repairs

If we can’t resolve the service request remotely, we will schedule an in-person appointment at our branch location to get a closer look. At the branch, our team has the tools and materials available on-hand to best evaluate and repair most service requests in just one appointment allowing our clients to get back to what matters most to them.


Customer Reviews

I switched to National Seating Mobility about 2 months ago, it was the easiest transition I ever made! The customer service is absolutely incredible and they take care of every issue right away! Best choice I ever made! The regional manager has kept in contact with me and continually checks on my supplies for my son to make sure I don't run out. Make the switch it's worth it!!

—MK, Albuquerque, NM

NSM deserve no less than five stars. We have been with NSM for 25yrs and they have never let us down. Jeff and Shannon thank you for caring.

—IB, Beaumont, TX

If I could give this company 6 stars I would. They provide me with my ostomy supplies on a monthly basis. They have a real gem of an employee named Kourtney who has been a god send, she is above and beyond communicative, thoughtful, and extremely helpful. It is difficult to find a company locally in Albuquerque that provides ostomy care supplies; Kourtney and National Seating and Mobility changed that for me. I highly recommend anyone needing an ostomy care supplier to utilize them. 6 stars for Kourtney.

—SB, Albuquerque, NM

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