The right chair and the best care.

Can you guess our mission?

You got it. “The right chair and the best care.”

We build the right chairs for people with severe physical challenges. Many are children with birth defects, such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Spina Bifida. We also serve teens, adults and seniors challenged with severe trauma, disease and skeletal disorders.

To get it right, we must continually adhere to a spider web of ever-changing state and federal laws, as well as insurance regulations. This requires a dedicated team of master ATPs, expert compliance /funding specialists and a national management team dedicated to what’s best for our clients. Thanks to our talented hardworking team of people, we’re able to accomplish our mission—one wheelchair at a time.

Our beginnings.

In 1991, our founder Mike Ballard left his lucrative career as an investment banker because he believed he could create better wheelchairs. The following year, he launched our company from his Nashville home. What he launched wasn’t a wheelchair manufacturer. Nor a store selling generic roll-off-the-floor chairs.

His business model, to say the least, was innovative. His vision was to use professional ATPs consulting with the patient’s physicians and therapists to design one-of-a-kind chair tailored each individual’s body and unique abilities. The ultimate custom wheelchair!

Once the chair was designed, he’d scour the country for suppliers to build each part and piece. And the chair would be assembled by technicians.Even more innovative was the plan to rely solely on referrals from doctors and physicians. Who ever heard of that?

Now, decades later, we have more than 115 NSM centers nationwide. Every one is staffed with at least one experienced ATP. Day in and day out, these locally based professionals deliver “the best chair” to hundreds of grateful clients.