Warehouse Technician | Minneapolis, MN

This full-time position requires someone who is dedicated and punctual. Technicians coordinate with the Branch Manager and administrative staff to ensure timely order, receipt, assembly and delivery of seating and mobility positioning systems. The nature of our industry calls for employees who can balance compassion and kindness with purpose and professionalism. The ideal candidate is a quick learner who can retain knowledge and training. The candidate should also demonstrate initiative and the ability to work with their hands, work with customers and handle administrative tasks.



  • Assembles seating and mobility equipment in a timely manner. Makes necessary equipment modifications to prepare goods for delivery to the patient. Responds to service calls and makes repairs as needed in the office and in the field.
  • Delivers equipment as directed by the Branch Manager. Assists the Rehab Technology Specialist with fitting adjustment and equipment modification to ensure the best possible product for the patient.
  • Responsible for all shipping and receiving duties related to daily operations. Ensures timely receipt through tracking of purchase orders and maintains communication with vendors on orders received with damaged or missing goods.
  • Attends seating clinics with the Rehab Technology Specialist as necessary to assist with evaluations, modifications and deliveries.
  • Provides inventory control for all special orders and stock items in the office. Maintains shop area in a neat and organized manner to insure proper care of equipment. Assists with quarterly physical count of inventory goods.
  • Assists in the timely completion of work orders, which may involve but is not limited to, research of components, calculation and extension of equipment price and preparation of quotes for patients, referral sources and insurance companies.
  • Maintains Automobile Log on company vehicles. Ensures Branch Manager is informed of needed repairs and maintenance. Obtains estimates for said repairs and schedules needed work.


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