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In-Home Lifts

In-home lifts allow you to more easily accomplish day-to-day tasks like transferring from bed to a mobility device especially where space is limited, so you can move around your home more freely without worrying about risking injury. From freestanding to mounted lifts, portable units to slings, NSM lifts can help you live independently every day.

Why NSM?

At NSM, we are uniquely positioned to search hundreds of sources for the precise components needed to create mobility and accessibility solutions that are made specifically to meet the needs of each client. But what really sets NSM apart is our approach:


Your safety comes first, no matter what.

Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. Our Serving Safely commitment means you can feel confident we're going above and beyond to put your safety first, no matter what.


We deliver customized solutions to fit your needs.

By bringing together industry-leading expertise, uniquely engineered systems and breakthrough technologies, we deliver personalized solutions catered to your specific needs.


Our calling goes beyond being a preferred provider of mobility solutions.

We seek to build lifelong relationships full of compassion that honor your journey of independence with ingenuity and excellence that helps you move through life.

Patient Hoyer Lifts

Hoyer lifts – also called patient lifts or portable total body lifts – are designed to give you the ability to raise yourself from a bed, chair, or wheelchair independently. These lifts are portable, self contained, and can be used where ceiling lifts are not available or practical.

Free-standing Transfer Systems

These systems are customized to to allow for easy transfers in and out of most areas in your home – including tight spaces and in areas where traditional lifts do not work.

Ceiling & Wall Mount Transfer Systems

Ceiling lifts can be either permanently installed, running along fixed-in rails, or can be used in conjunction with free standing overhead rails, temporarily installed with no changes being made to your home. These portable ceiling lifts can be moved from room to room using different tracks, offering greater flexibility of use.

Let's Get Moving.

No matter your mobility need, we have innovative products and a reliable team of experts to keep you moving so you can enjoy life to the fullest - wherever it takes you. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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