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For seniors with mobility issues, getting in and out of a wheelchair to use the stairs is a major issue. Caregivers also face many challenges when looking after their loved ones. Wheelchair ramps are a simple and convenient solution for wheelchair and scooter users to access steps with ease. They do not have to get out of the wheelchair. Skilled technicians at National Seating & Mobility recently installed an open mesh steel ramp for a client who needed a reliable mobility solution for her father who has to make regular, twice a week dialysis appointments. This has improved the safety of both the father and his caregivers.

The Challenge

The client contacted us to install a modular ramp for her father. She and the aid were literally carrying her father down the steps on his wheelchair to his twice a week dialysis appointments. A new modular ramp had to be installed to alleviate the unsafe situation for both the caregivers and the dad. The client was very particular that the ramp should blend with the surroundings and not “stick out.” Our challenge was to install a ramp that was robust and reliable, and at the same time aesthetically appealing.

The Solution

Our installers fitted the ramp perfectly flush with the front door landing and the edge of the driveway.

  • We turned the job around in 48 hours so the client could make his next appointment in safety.
  • The black powder-coated finish of the ramp matches the wrought iron railing and does not make the ramp ‘stick out’ from the street, which had been a major concern of the client.
  • Our open mesh steel ramp is safe even on rainy days, as the water goes through and the mesh has a very high degree of friction for sure footing.
  • The sturdy handrails also help for when dad is feeling better and wants to try and walk.

Considering a similar ramp for your loved ones? National Seating & Mobility can meet your requirements perfectly.

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