How We Work With Your PATIENTS

Design and delivery of the right seating & mobility equipment custom seating and mobility system is always time-consuming and often confusing. It relies on a dynamic partnership between healthcare providers, your patient and multiple equipment suppliers.


Step One – Evaluation & Designing of Your Patient’s Chair

The process starts with a thorough evaluation of your patient’s condition and lifestyle by one of NSM’s highly skilled Assistive Technology Providers (ATP). Depending upon your patient’s individual situation, the ATP evaluation could take less than an hour or possibly an entire day. During this evaluation :

  • Our ATP will thoroughly review your patient’s medical situation.
  • Your patient will be measured and fitted.
  • Our ATP will discuss your patient’s lifestyle, logistic and safety needs.
  • Our ATP will discuss issues involving your patient’s personal preferences.
  • Finally, the ATP will discuss available equipment options within your patient’s funding (source) cost guidelines.
This evaluation provides our professionals the necessary information to design a custom seating and mobility system that will meet your patient’s medically prescribed function.

During chair design, NSM works with you, your patient and the healthcare team to select the appropriate chair and components from our network of several hundred suppliers. If a necessary component is not available or needs modifying, NSM has it fabricated or adapted to fit the need.


Step Two – Obtaining Funding Approval

Any seating and mobility system is a major expense and requires carefully reviewed documentation to meet funding source approval guidelines. Rehab professionals know funding is complex, time-consuming and often deeply frustrating, because it is largely beyond our control.

The process begins on evaluation day, when we ask your patient to sign an “Assignment of Benefits” (AoB) statement so your insurance company will pay us for the equipment. This form also allows us to access all necessary treatment documentation from your patient’s physician and therapist. If the patient chooses not to sign the AoB form their physician and therapist are, by law, prohibited from releasing any medical information.

NSM defines, gathers and submits all necessary funding source documents. As we typically need to collect documents from many different sources, it can take from several weeks to several months, depending on equipment complexity. We realize that the funding wait is frustrating to patients, but once documents are submitted, this difficult and detailed process is beyond our control.

Rest assured, NSM always conveys a sense of urgency for prompt responses. Should we encounter any unanticipated funding delays, we may ask for your patient’s direct help. And, as we can’t control collection time for these documents, we ask patients not call to check the status of the order until at least two weeks following the evaluation.

Once all documents are collected, we submit them to your patient’s funding source for approval. On average, we receive approval within 30 days, but it can take longer. To expedite this process, we may ask your patient to request the funding source act as quickly as possible to authorize the equipment purchase.

Please know, we place the equipment order as soon as we receive written authorization from your patient’s funding source.


Step Three – Purchasing, Delivering, & Maintaining Your Patient’s Equipment

Upon receiving approval from your patient’s funding source in writing, we order all the components of the equipment from our various suppliers. Manufacturing times vary according to supplier, but it typically takes from 3 – 4 weeks for us to receive all components. When a specific non-stocked part is ordered or special part(s) must be fabricated, delivery may take longer.

Once we have everything we need, the process accelerates. After we have inspect and verify all components, we then assemble your patient’s system. Depending upon the complexity of the equipment, this can take from several days to several weeks.

Once your patient’s system is complete, we require all deductibles be paid and verify the funding source will still pay for the equipment. We next contact your patient to schedule a time to deliver the equipment, make any necessary adjustments and review all operational, maintenance and safety issues.


Please check with your local NSM office for its policies regarding service calls and repair charges. To schedule an appointment to bring equipment in for repairs, call 866.317.6300, toll-free. If we are to bill your patient’s funding source for repair, we often need prior funding source authorization before we can begin chair repair.
It may be necessary for us to ask your patient to contact their payer to request quickest possible authorization approval. While we do everything we can to serve your patient and his or her equipment, we reserve the right not to repair any equipment that we did not provide.


The manufacturers of your patient’s equipment provide its warranties. If your patient experiences any problems covered by the warranties, NSM works with the manufacturer to help correct them. For more information on Repairs and Warranties please see Chair Maintenance.