Chair Delivery Timeline

Chair Delivery Timeline

Your chair’s delivery actually depends on four distinct and variable process timelines. These variables include the complexity of your condition, availability of chair and components, funding requirements of your payer source and chair assembly/delivery time.
Please Note : Funding approval is always the longest timeline component and once your paperwork is filed, completely beyond NSM’s control. (see Timeline below)


NSM strives to complete each timeline phase as quickly as possible without compromising your equipment’s quality or funding source support documents. We always act as quickly and responsibly as possible and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Normal chair delivery Timeline, in phases, listed below. :

Phase One – Client Evaluation & Chair Design
Scheduling & Performing / 2 Days – 1 Week

Phase Two – Funding Approval
Collecting Medical Information and Documentation, Submission to Funding Source & Approval Wait / 4 – 16 Weeks

Phase Three – Purchasing, Receiving & Component Verification /
3 – 6 Weeks

Phase Four – Getting Your Chair to You
Chair Assembly / 1 – 2 Weeks

Delivery & Final Fitting / 2 – 3 Days