An assistive technology professional (ATP) is a service provider who analyzes the technology needs of people with disabilities and helps them select and use adaptive devices. Assistive Technology Professionals at National Seating & Mobility facilitate the evaluation of client’s needs to appropriate rehabilitation products including power wheelchairs and custom seating, as directed by the client’s therapist and/or physician.ATPs work in conjunction with the client, therapist, and physician to ensure that: the chosen product adequately meets the client’s medical needs, medical justification is present before products are provided, and that insurance benefits and coverage are clearly expressed to clients prior to provision of the desired product. These products include, but are not limited to: wheelchairs, scooters, seating and positioning products, ambulatory aids, gait trainers, standers, hygiene, transferring, and various other assistive devices.

Referral Education and Marketing:
The ATP will be the primary purveyor of National Seating & Mobility’s rehab capabilities through in-services and one-on-one meetings with prospective referrals. They will seek out rehab units, therapy groups, and clinicians at local hospitals to expand rehab business.

Vendor Relations:
It will be vital that the ATP be knowledgeable about the rehab industry, products, and vendors. It will be expected that someone in this position will have a strong working relationship with rehab vendors and will be able to make suggestions on products to better serve patients and reduce costs. All ATP’s are expected to maintain strict adherence to the RESNA code of conduct.

Required Skills & Abilities:

– ATP Certification from RESNA
– Previous durable medical equipment/medical device experience is preferred
– Preferably with 1-3 years of experience in complex rehab
– Assists patients in determining the appropriate complex equipment by conducting a comprehensive evaluation
– Establishes relationships with physicians and other health care providers to increase positive exposure to increase sales for National Seating & Mobility. Maintains relationship with Referral Sources
– Acts as a liaison between the company, the patient, and healthcare agencies
– Travels throughout assigned region to call on regular and prospective customers
– Displays or demonstrates products using samples and other NSM marketing materials
– Support the Estimates date of delivery to a patient

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