You’re one of a kind. Your chair should be too.

We’re not a manufacturer. We don’t sell roll-off-the-floor generic wheelchairs. We can give you a great wheelchair or mobility device that is customized to your body and your needs.

In every branch office, we have experienced ATPs who work with your physicians and therapists to design the right chair. Then we source more than 250 suppliers to gather each and every component. If we can’t find one, we’ll adapt or fabricate.

Design & Delivery Process

We do so much more than supply devices.

The components are shipped to our warehouse where our technicians build your chair piece-by-piece and test it for compliance. When it’s perfect, your ATP will contact you or your caregiver and schedule the big delivery day. And, of course, we provide instructions and support for basic maintenance to help keep your chair in top working condition.

Because we do so much more than just provide devices, you need a referral to work with us.  Be sure to tell your physician or therapist that you want a custom NSM chair.

We guarantee you’ll get the right chair and the best care.  We won’t settle for anything less.  And neither should you.