You’re one of a kind. Your chair should be too.

We’re not a manufacturer. We don’t sell roll-off-the-floor generic wheelchairs. We can give you a great wheelchair or mobility device that is customized to your body and your needs.

In every branch office, we have experienced ATPs who work with your physicians and therapists to design the right chair. Then we source more than 250 suppliers to gather each and every component.


Every client deserves a personalized mobility solution that helps them advance on their journey through life.
And we can make that happen. It starts with your Rehab Technology Supplier (RTS) carefully evaluating
both needs and preferences. Remember, we want to get this right, so depending upon individual mobility
needs, this could take just a few minutes, or an entire day.

Here’s what each adult or child receiving a chair should expect when working with the RTS during an evaluation:

• Carefully examine and evaluate the medical situation
• Accurately measure and fit the client for the most comfortable results
• Discuss accessibility in the home, safety needs and personal preferences
• Explain equipment options available within payer cost guidelines

As you can see, we’re into details. Because with precise data, and by accessing our network of hundreds
of suppliers, we can select the specific chair and components needed to build the custom seating and
mobility system that matches the physician and therapist prescription. One that provides the freedom
to move through life.

NSM can fabricate or adapt any component that is either not available or needs modification.


An NSM funding specialist—a vital member of the NSM team—will gather and submit all necessary payer
documents. Because these documents may come from several sources, this process can take several weeks
to complete. While we usually receive approval within 30 days, it can take longer. Clients can help speedup
the process by directly contacting the physician and therapist to request that they provide the necessary
documentation to NSM as quickly as possible so that we may submit it. Once we have submitted all necessary
payer documentation, the funding source can be contacted to request they expedite the authorization.


Once we receive funding confirmation, we order all equipment and components. Manufacturing times vary
with each supplier. Components typically arrive in three to four weeks, although a specific part not stocked
or having a special part fabricated may take longer.

We inspect and verify all the components before we build and test the mobility system. Depending upon
equipment complexity, assembly can take from several days to a couple of weeks.

Once assembly is complete, we require all deductibles be paid and funding source payment verified. Finally,
we contact the client to schedule a time to deliver the equipment, make any necessary adjustments, and
review operational, maintenance and safety issues.