Your Chair Designed Just For You

National Seating & Mobility is not a manufacturing or sales company. Nor do we make roll-off-the-floor transactions. We’re a branch-based company of rehab technology professionals, supported by a national third-party payer support team. That’s why those who matter most, clients and healthcare providers, know us as the provider of choice.

Your mobility/seating system must provide full support and behave as an extension of your body. Proper fit is essential to your comfort, well-being, safety and rehabilitation. Our chairs and components, from 250+ manufacturers, offer every comfort-design option for your perfect mobility/seating system.

Your full evaluation by a NSM ATP will determine your custom chair’s components and system design. Next, we contract vendors to supply the necessary products. Should any specified component be unavailable, we’ll have it fabricated or modify a similar piece.

Once components arrive, NSM technicians assemble and compliance-test your chair. An ATP will then contact you, or your caregiver, to schedule custom adjustments and provide maintenance user instructions about your new mobility/seating system.